Student Permit








In order to study in Canada, an international student or foreign national needs to obtain a valid study permit. This enables the student to legally pursue their academics. The process of obtaining a study permit involves these criteria before submitting an application:

  • Obtaining a letter of acceptance from the college, university or private institution in Canada that the student plans to become educated at
  • Possess sufficient evidence that you can support yourself and your accompanying family members while you study in Canada
  • Acknowledgment to the Government of Canada that you will return home when you complete your studies
  • Pass a medical exam if needed

Depending on your circumstances, you might also be exempt from obtaining a study permit. Nevertheless, there are many different routes that can be taken for prospective academics. Each case is different and needs to be assessed accordingly. Contact us for more information. Make your future full of opportunities with one of the highest standards of education systems in the world.