Work Permit








Every year, thousands of foreign nationals take up employment in Canada. In order to work in this country, one must obtain a work permit that is authorized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) based on certain criteria. There are specific steps that must be taken before applying though. These are:

  1. An employer must first offer you a job.
  2. HRSDC must normally provide a labour market opinion or "confirmation" of your job offer.
  3. After HRSDC confirms that a foreign national may fill the job, you apply to CIC for your work permit.

The government of Canada also asks that the potential temporary worker meet these conditions as well after receiving their work permit.

  • have a valid passport or other travel document issued by their country of residence
  • be in good health (a medical exam may be required)
  • provide proof that they have sufficient funds to support their stay in Canada
  • demonstrate that their stay in Canada is temporary
  • not have a criminal record, nor be considered a security risk
  • other criteria may apply

Applying for a work permit can be a complicated and time consuming process since there are several types of permits that exist. Each worker falls into a specific work permit category and it is for this reason why you may need the services of a professional. Assessing your status is crucial to your application. Contact us so that we may assist you with your application process in a professional and efficient manner.