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Las Vegas

Las Vegas has always been known as an adult’s only playground; however this city is for everyone as it contains numerous attractions for kids of all ages. The first thing that visitors to this desert destination will notice is the world famous Las Vegas Strip, one of the most exciting streets on the planet. From the famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign to some of the newest hotels including the Bellagio, Paris Mirage, the MGM Grand and The Venetian, Las Vegas is truly larger than life.

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Welcome to our Chicago Travel Guide! Look no further for a truly diverse American experience than Chicago. If you’re looking for a fun town, with great food, colourful locals, some of the country’s best jazz bars and blues clubs - look no further then Chicago. See all the famous attractions in Chicago, modern American Culture, influenced by the biggest Polish population in any city outside of Poland. There are plenty of museums in Chicago, along with world renowned art galleries such as the Art Institute of Chicago. Check out a Baseball game Cubs style at Wrigley Field. When in Chicago, Illinois, explore the newly renovated Navy Pier for some of the city’s best restaurants, shops, theatres and more.

Although Chicago was founded in 1837, the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 forced local officials to rebuild and re-imagine the city to be bigger and better then before. Architecture buffs love Chicago as the majority of buildings and skyscrapers are known for their originality and sense of grandness in a land of Midwest Flatlands. Come check out the sights and sounds of Chicago. is the place to plan your Chicago vacation; with guides for shopping, restaurants, night life, attractions, accommodations, event tickets and much more. We also have your cheap flights and low fares to Chicago, USA.


New York City

The metropolitan area of New York City has approximately 18.7 million citizens within the five boroughs that break it down; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx. The capital of New York State and also known as the Big Apple - is famous for its hectic and exciting pace- the embodiment of city life. New York is The U.S’ core for financial affairs, fashion, culture, entertainment and the art world in general. Broadway, or the great white way as it’s also known, is North America’s most prestigious location for live theatre.

There is no mistake; New York is one of the world’s most important cities. The extraordinary assortment of museums, galleries, performance venues, media outlets, international corporations and financial outlets aside –the boundless spirit of its people (New Yorkers) is what makes the pulse of this urban Mecca beat loudest. The city has also been able to boast that it currently has the lowest crime rate over the last ten years amongst 25 of the largest cities in the world. is the place to plan your vacation to New York City; with guides for shopping, restaurants, night life, attractions, accommodations and much more. We also have your cheap flights and low fares to New York City, U.S.A.



Miami, you’ve got style, blue skies, sunshine, white sand by the mile. The sunshine State of Florida has many assets worth mentioning: sunny, warm weather year round, beautiful beaches and Walt Disney World Resort; however the city of Miami is the real treasure. One of those cities that burst at the seams with culture and energy, Miami’s population explosion happened close to twenty years ago and was motivated by immigration from several Caribbean countries and migration from the northern states. When staying in this exciting city, you will surely spend the bulk of your time at Miami Beach. This area has a long trend-setting history, from the extravagant nightclubs of the 50’s to the rich cultural and artistic melting pot that is known as modern South Beach today.

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San Francisco

Plan your itinerary for your big San Francisco vacation by using our San Fran Travel Guide. Navigate your way around the many sights and attractions San Francisco has to offer. Find great deals on flights to San Francisco, a huge selection of hotels in the Bay Area, restaurants that highlight the world-class cuisine of San Francisco, San Fran’s famed nightlife, airport hotels in San Francisco, Bed & Breakfasts, attractions that highlight this scenic city and much more…

This hilly metropolis is just two hours from Los Angeles and across the Bay from Napa, Oakland and San Jose. Islands such as Alcatraz are part of San Francisco and should be booked in advance, as they fill up quickly and pack a couple of sweaters to prepare for the chilly Summer Fog.